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On This Day in History - 22nd January


1561Francis Bacon, English politician and philospher
1788Lord Byron, English poet
1875D.W Griffith, American film director/producer
1921Sir Alf Ramsey, Manager of England's World Cup squad
1937Nyree Dawn Porter, English actress
1940John Hurt, English born film actor; 'Alien'
1948George Foreman, American heavyweight boxer


1771The Falkland Islands were given to Britain by the Spanish
1879British troops were massacred by the Zulus at Isandhlwana, South Africa
1924Ramsey MacDonald became the first British Labour Prime Minister
1927A football match was broadcast over the radio for the very first time
1941Tobruk, North Africa, was captured by Australian troops
1944Allied forces landed at Anzio, Italy
1947The fresh meat ration was reduced to 1s (5p) per week in Britain
1972The United Kingdom joined the Common Market
1974Loyalists were expelled from the Northern Ireland Assembley