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On This Day in History - 23rd May


1718William Hunter, Scottish anatomist
1848Otto Lilienthal, German glider builder
1883Douglas Fairbanks Snr, American film star
1910Scatman Crothers, American actor
1918Dennis Compton, Cricketer
1921Humphrey Lyttleton, Jazz musician
1933Joan Collins Actress and soap star
1954Marvin Hagler, American boxer


1618The Thirty Years War began
1886Henrik Ibsen, the Norwegian playwright, died
1887The French crown jewels were sold off for six million francs
1903Rome and Paris were linked by telephone for the first time
1904European ministers were stoned by mobs, in the Haiti capital Port-Au-Prince
1923The Belgian airline 'Sabena' was formed
1926The Lebanon, in the Middle East, became a republic
1927Charles Linbergh, the US aviator, was awarded the Legion Of Honour by the French
1934Bonnie & Clyde, the American bank robbers, were shot dead by Texas Rangers
1945Hitlers minister, Heinrich Himmler, comitted suicide