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On This Day in History - 11th August


1772Jean Victor Moreau, French general
1892Hugh MacDiarmid, Scottish poet
1897Enid Blyton, English author
1929Alun Hoddinott, Welsh born composer
1932Dame Angela Rumbold, Politician
1937Anna Massey, British actress


1877The two satellites of Mars, Phobos & Deimos, were discovered
1941Winston Churchill and US President Roosevelt signed the Atlantic Charter
1942Barnes Wallis patented the 'bouncing bomb'
1953Widespread earthquakes struck the Greek Ionian islands, causing much damage
1954Hostilities in the Indo-China conflict ended after eight years
1960The African country of Chad gained its independence from France
1966An Indonesian Malaysian peace agreement was signed in Djakarta
1988Widespread floods in the Sudan left 1.5 million homeless