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On This Day in History - 21st July


1816Paul von Reuter, News agency founder
1899Ernest Hemmingway, US novelist & Nobel prize winner
1922Kay Starr, Singer
1922Norman Jewison, Canadian born film director
1926Bill Pertwee, Actor
1934Jonathon Miller, English TV & theatre director
1945John Lowe, Darts player
1948Cat Stevens, English singer/songwriter


1944American marines captured the western Pacific island of Guam
1959'Savannah', the worlds first nuclear powered merchant ship, was launched
1961The United States launched astronaut Gus Grissom aboard Mercury 4
1969Neil Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the Moon
1976The British ambassador to the Irish Republic was assassinated
1983The authorities ended Martial Law in Poland
1985The South African government declared a State of Emergency
1990A rock concert in East Berlin, celebrating the removal of the wall, was attended by 150,000
1994Part of comet Shoemaker-Levy crashed into the planet Jupiter