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Garden Diary


Late summer blooms have had their final say but there is still plenty to enjoy ~ the chrysanthemum and carnation give life to the Autumn scene.

Jobs to be done:

November is the month for tulip planting. Well drained soil with a good compost worked in, with the bulbs 4-5 inches deep and about 4-6 inches apart should guarantee a good show. Shallow planting is usually the main reason of failure with tulips.

You should begin to plant deciduous hedging this month. Planting sites should be dug deeply and consist of a good garden compost or a well rotted animal manure. When planting trees, leave about one foot all round to ensure that the roots are not crushed or placed into too small a hole.

If this month is very mild, you may want to mow the lawn; once should be enough but only a very light trim. If the ground is very wet or frosty, do not attempt to mow the lawn.

Top Tips:

Caring for your garden can produce wonderful results and a great sense of achievement. These seasonal tips should help save time and prevent your hard work going to waste!

  • Fallen leaves can become a problem this month, so remove them as often as possible. Leaves which are not removed encourage worms and if left will eventually rot and cause problems to the grass.
  • Upon delivery of new roses, remove from packaging and liberally sprinkle with water. Broken roots and stems should be cleanly cut away.
  • Protect tender wall plants using polythene sheets or canvas.
  • Greenhouse plants should be protected against damp and fog.
  • When late perennials finish flowering cut down the top growth and fork and weed the soil in between.
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