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On This Day in History - 5th July


1810Phineas T. Barnum, Circus entrepreneur
1853Cecil Rhodes, Founder of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe)
1879Dwight Davis, American statesman
1911Georges Pompidou, French statesman
1934Philip Madoc, Actor
1953Elizabeth Emmanuel, English dress designer
1953Maggie Moon, Singer


1791The first ever British ambassador to the United States was appointed
1817Gold sovereigns were first issued
1865The speed of road vehicles was limited to 2mph in towns & 4mph in the country
1945Winston Churchill lost the General Election
1946The bikini swimsuit was first demonstrated at a Paris fashion show
1948The National Health Service was established in Britain
1969The Rolling Stones staged a free concert in Hyde Park
1977Pakistans leader, Mr Bhutto, was deposed by the military