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On This Day in History - 28th July


1844Gerald Hopkins, English poet
1866Beatrix Potter, English author
1887Marcel Duchamp, French artist
1901Rudy Valee, American singer
1936Garfield Sobers, West Indian cricketer
1938Ian McCaskill, Weatherman


1655Cyrano de Bergerac, the French poet & soldier, died
1750Johann Sebastain Bach, the composer, died
1851The first ever photograph of a total eclipse of the Sun was made
1858Fingerprints were first used as a means of identification
1914The first World War began when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia
1959Postcodes were introduced in Britain
1972British dockers began a national dock strike
1976China was struck by an earthquake, killing an estimated 800,000 people
1976Britain broke off diplomatic links wih Uganda