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On This Day in History - 24th February


1786Wilhelm Grimm, Author of fairy tales
1885Chester Nimitz, United States navy admiral
1931Brian Close, British cricketer
1932Michel Legrand, French born film music composer
1942Paul Jones, Blues singer and broadcaster
1948Dennis Waterman, English TV actor ('Minder' & 'The Sweeny')
1955Alain Prost, French Formula 1 racing driver


1920Nancy Astor became the first woman to address Parliament
1932Malcolm Campbell set a new land speed record in 'Bluebird', in the USA
1938Nylon was commercially used for the first time in toothbrush bristles
1946Juan Peron was elected as the President of Argentina
1968The discovery of the first pulsar in space was announced
1969Mariner 6, the first spacecraft to fly by Mars, was launched
1981The engagement of Prince Charles and Lady Diana was announced
1991In its first free elections since the collapse of communism, Lithuania rejected the Communist Party